The Agencja Celna“FOZI” Sp. z o.o. [“FOZI” Customs Agency Ltd.] has been conducting customs service since 1992. The company’s registered office is situated in the building, where the Customs Bureau II in Lodz is placed.
We specialise in full customs and storage service. We have a Customs Agency, Customs Warehouse, Temporary Storage Warehouse and Domestic Warehouse.
Our service is fully professional and adapted to individual needs of every client.
We have our own parking space. The object is protected and monitored, and it is also insured.
We offer our knowledge and experience, and we recommend our clients to choose optimum solutions. We are an innovative company, opened for new business solutions.

We wholeheartedly invite you for co-operation.
President of the Board
Grzegorz Bednarek

“FOZI” Sp. z o.o.; ul. Sw. Teresy od Dzieciatka Jezus 106, 91-341 Lodz; Poland
KRS: 0000165572; NIP: 947-15-14-298; Ownership capital: 1,485,600 PLN