Customs Agency

  • export and import customs clearances;
  • in case of export and import, an opportunity to exercise deferred payment of VAT,
  • pursuant to art. 33a;
  • we have a transit security for clearances T-1;
  • customs clearances for natural persons including relocation of property;
  • representing of entities before the Customs Bureau;
  • carrying into effect enters of imported commodity to SANEPID and WIJHARS;
  • drawing up and entering of INTRASTAT declarations;
  • drawing up of AKC-U excise declarations.

Customs Warehouse

  • lodging of commodity in the Customs Warehouse under the economic suspension
  • carrying out of customary activities in the area of the Customs Warehouse;
  • the possibility to store hermetically packed groceries.

Domestic Warehouse

taking of the European Community commodities to the warehouse;

carrying out of activities related to preparation of stored commodity for distribution;

repacking, sorting, labelling, placing of commodity onto palettes for transport;

carrying out of other activities with the stored commodity, according to a client’s recommendations.

Furthermore, we run the Temporary Storage Warehouse, where a commodity is stored on request of the Customs Bureau, on the basis of the DSK document, to supplement documents necessary for correct presentation of the commodity or execution of customs inspection.

Our Warehouse has been designated for taking samples for purposes of SANEPID.

The authorisation should be signed by a person entered in KRS or a person authorised by ECIDG.
The original must be submitted to the Customs Bureau.
The stamp duty for registration of the authorisation amounts to 17 PLN.
The stamp duty payment should be transferred for the benefit of:

Urząd Miasta Poznania
Plac Kolegiacki 17, 61-841 Poznań

account number: 94 1020 4027 0000 1602 1262 0763
the following entry should be made in the transfer title:

Documents for download:


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